Hello there! This is a post about something that I just really need to get off my chest!!

Yes, these pictures are me. No, they are not edited at all - this is just me.

I am 15 years old, 5’1”, and I weigh 83lbs.

I am not anorexic, nor do I have any other sort of eating disorder or condition that causes me to be this skinny. I eat like a pig, and most everything I eat is fattening and full of calories.

Now, here’s my point:

Please, please, please, PLEASE. Stop. Shaming. Skinny. People.

Look, I understand and love every post I see supporting bigger people (trust me, I think a little chub is super attractive!) but it’s when I see comments like "Skinny people have it easy" or "Skinny girls don’t get bullied"  That’s when I have a problem.

I am asked almost every. Fucking. Day. If I eat. I understand the concern, but can we please let go of the assumption that every skinny person ever has an eating disorder?

Also, the whole, “Skinny girls aren’t beautiful! They’re all fake and plastic!”

That really hurts. A lot.

So, can we please spread a little awareness about this? Thanks!

The lack of notes on this is disturbing